What is Wordpress?

What is WordPress?

You have most likely been hearing much about WordPress recently. So, what exactly is WordPress anyway?

WordPress is the world’s most in-demand instrument for designing websites. WordPress is effective at producing any specific website, from a basic website to a full-featured online business website. Additionally, you can utilize WordPress to produce a web-based store (utilizing the well-liked WooCommerce plugin).

You claim you’ve never created a website? That’s not a big concern ! With WordPress, you don’t require any HTML coding or design expertise to generate an expert looking website. There are lots of free site layouts to select from (these layouts are best known as “themes” in the WordPress environment).

With WordPress, it’s an easy task to create your website without composing a single series of code or learning anything about HTML.

Acquiring WordPress

In contrast to the standard desktop application, WordPress works online (in the cloud, so to speak). There’s absolutely nothing to deploy on your PC and you don’t require any specific equipment. You can update your site from anywhere that you get an Internet connection. There are even cost-free WordPress mobile applications for iPhones and also Android phones.

WordPress is free of charge

Here’s the most exciting part: WordPress cost nothing. It’s both free to utilize and free to customize. Therefore, if you are the type of person who enjoys playing with code, it is possible to delve in and make WordPress perform almost anything you would like it to.

In contrast to other “free” internet site resources, WordPress will not lock you into some services like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. It is possible to host your site anywhere. Or even relocate your website to another hosting company anytime you want.