Top 5 web technologies in e-commerce

What are the Top 5 Web Technologies in E-Commerce?

There are a variety of options out there if you are considering building direct selling from your website. Beginning a web store is one of the speediest and arguably one of the better options that business owners have for releasing a start-up. However, as easy as it is to start out an online store today, it is becoming progressively more difficult to find the right e-commerce system to make a good start.



This is actually the first entrant to the list. To be a hosted solution, the simple store installation that Shopify provides helps it be a favorite e-commerce program certainly. With increasing expectations constantly, Shopify has changed and improved with the changing needs of all businesses.

Besides easy setup, fast loading velocity and safe and trusted payment gateways are 2 other major explanations why this is an excellent choice for introducing a web store in 2016. Shopify also offers you hundreds of themes to modify your store’s website landing page and present it the custom look you wish.



That is a free plugin on WordPress which means you can expect to obtain all benefits you get with WordPress as a program for creating websites. I take advantage of estimates across the portrayed term free, because while there are no costs to set up WooCommerce, there are fees from the complete integration of WooCommerce as an operating shopping cart.


A new entrant relatively, Yo!Kart is carefully built with the intention of mixing the features of open-source and hosted e-commerce platforms.

Yokart Multi Vendor

Yo!Kart is customizable fully, feature abundant, has multi-layer security, and its own installation doesn’t require much technological knowhow. Intuitive user interface, multivendor features with a custom storefront and programmed order handling are various other features that provide it more excess weight.



BigCommerce is virtually like Shopify, except that it offers more built-in features. To begin with, with BigCommerce you get an operating website totally, unrestricted bandwidth & storage area, as well as liberty to add as many products as you want. Plus, essential e-commerce features like surprise credit cards, reviews & rankings, as well as basic marketing tools are built-in in BigCommerce software also.

Easy to create, the platform is aimed generally at people with no web designing skills. But if you are into CSS and HTML, then you may easily tweak things around to give your store a unique feel and look.


Magento is currently an unbiased company and is still a top-tier player that has stood the test of time as it pertains to e-commerce. Principally, Magento is an improved fit for large-scale suppliers and building high-end e-commerce websites. The system has an extremely higher level of security, is customizable and scalable completely, as well as offers many features that other e-commerce programs miss, such as multiple storefront, multi-language, and multi-currency support.


Magento also results pretty much on other important guidelines like user-friendly admin area, user-friendly navigation, search engine marketing, and mobile friendliness. The true twist includes Magento’s rates. Its Community plan is designed for free, while its Organization plan is, relating to a Magento spokesperson, “tiered predicated on a client’s current e-commerce business and designed to align with their progress trajectory.” Remember the inner or exterior staffing costs necessary to manage this venture platform.