What is Magento

Can Magento Help Improve My Sales?

eCommerce websites permit visitors to view and buy products online. Today, starting a web store is cheap and for two hundred dollars, you can own functional store because of eCommerce scripts like Magento.

Magento E-Commerce Platform

Magento can be an open-source eCommerce program that is put in place on many websites. The great thing about the script is the fact it could be customized, helping you to have a distinctive store that will come with the look and with the features you will need. Magento was created to make it easy to create sales in your store. Here are a few of Magento’s powerful features and extensions that can make your eCommerce sales.


Simplified Checkout Process

Most eCommerce sites have problems with deserted shopping carts because the checkout process is complicated or maybe too much time. Magento’s one-step checkout expansion comes in convenient in such situations. The expansion simplifies the checkout process by merging several levels into one. This can help to reduce the amount of customers who get away from their shopping carts midway through. The greater customers who complete the checkout process, the bigger the sales.


FOLLOW-UP on Customers

When you have simplified the checkout process even, there are a few customers who still reject the shopping process for various reasons. You should follow-up on these customers. Magento monitors the purchasers’ checkout process and picks up an abandoned shopping cart software. Armed with this given information, you have an opportunity to follow-up on such consumers either via email or mobile to determine what problem they came across. Pursuing up can make the shopper come back and complete the order.



Long-tail links are difficult and complicated to keep in mind. Shoppers wouldn’t normally be in a posture to memorize long-tail links or discern if they’re the right ones for the merchandise they want. This may harm your sales considering most online customers shall achieve your shopfront via serps. Luckily, Magento has a remedy to this.

Magento comes with an extension that changes long-tail links into brief, internet search engine optimized ones. The extension can be used to optimize page titles and the header. Having keyword-optimized game titles and links can make your store found through Google and other search engines.


Geo-targeting and multi-lingual

eCommerce stores that contain multiple sites based on geographic location can benefit from geographic and multi-lingual features. When you have a worldwide audience, it is highly recommended to obtain your store available in the dialect of the geographic region of your target markets. Magento can identify the geographic region of clients predicated on their internet addresses and redirect those to the correct website. This implies a visitor from a specific area can view your store in a terminology they understand.


Responsive Design

Internet purchasers shall gain access to your website from a number of devices. Your store should, therefore, be effectively displayed, whether it’s being viewed on a PC, a tablet, or a mobile device. Magento has a reactive design that can adjust to these devices the store has been accessed from. All your guests will be catered to, whatever the device they are employing to gain access to your site. This opens up your eCommerce site to a wider audience and can boost your sales.


The above list is merely a scratch on the features and extensions that Magento offers. Many of these features are easy to implement after getting installed Magento.